Graduate Choices

Data-driven postgraduate recruitment services

Our postgraduate recruitment technology connects agencies and universities with the best-suited candidates for their PG recruitment programmes

Powerful matching engine software

We’ve developed a highly competent matching software which analyses data from our entire candidate pool. The system is capable of searching academic data plus non-academic achievements to identify the right candidates for any postgraduate programmes. 

The UK’s Largest talent pool of student and graduates 

Graduate Choices hosts the UK’s largest talent pool of student and graduate verified academic achievement data, hosting over 1.2 million registered users. 

Personalised communications via SMS and email

We make use of personalised communications via SMS, email and within the candidates Gradintelligence account. This unique approach results in the very best suited candidates being contacted quickly and efficiently – ultimately delivering better campaign performance.

Graduate Choices Catalyst Building

About us 

After several years of development work and collaboration with UK universities, Gradintelligence launched “Graduate Choices” with a view to improving the transition of students into further study. For students, our system is the home of their verified credentials and a gateway to careers and further study opportunities. At the heart there is a unique matching engine that delivers efficient access to a rich pool of emerging students and postgraduates.

How it works

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We provide university registered data

We have developed a powerful graduate recruitment tool which has student data growing at 30% per year and is composed of:

  • 1.2 million registered users
  • 600,000 opted in for postgraduate study
  • 50 contracted UK university partners 
  • 160 UK universities with users
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We build engaging campaigns 

In partnership with our clients, we build attractive campaigns which are viewed by interested candidates. A typical campaign includes:

  • Institution logos and corporate artwork 
  • Programme specific artwork 
  • Supporting video content or Youtube links 
  • Written content for university profile 
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Profile your ideal candidates 

We work with universities, recruitment agencies and media partners to make sure we create a detailed profile of the ideal candidate, typically this includes:

  • Degree subject
  • Qualifications and certificates 
  • Availability 
  • Location 
  • Skills and related activities 
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Match with the best candidates

We’ve developed a unique matching technology which takes the specific requirements of university PG programmes and creates a talent pool of matched candidates. The talent pool is available for communications via:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • System messaging 
  • Prompts and reminders
  • Social media advertising

Impressive results delivered quickly

Graduate Choices is a proven and successful technology which delivers impressive campaign results for a wide variety of PG recruitment programmes. Our unique approach, using the power of student data and mobile communication delivers a positive candidate experience and rapid results for recruiting universities.

Typically 5-15% of candidates will take a positive action and be directed to a university landing page

Typically 5-10% of those who reach the university landing page will go on to apply or complete a request form for more information 

Our channels to market 

The Graduate Choices talent matching service is provided to recruiting university departments, media firms and supporting agencies. We have significant experience in specialist PG recruitment and have unique and elegant solution

We are confident that the combination of data-driven technology and market experience can enhance any recruitment campaign

Business Partners

Over 50 contracted UK universities

900+ universities world-wide use our service 

Strategic partnerships with specialist postgraduate recruitment agencies 

What our clients say

“Our Graduate Choices campaign has helped us reach highly qualified candidates , directly resulting in increased applications and recruitment” 

Carolyn Hayes, Lancaster University 


“We were impressed with the in-depth targeting that a campaign such as this allows, particularly as a majority of our targeting criteria needs to be in line with specific entry requirements across our course portfolio.

Therefore, this was a unique opportunity for us to send communications to recent, known-graduates of degree courses identified as relevant pre-requisites for our online Master’s programmes, not only through a succinct SMS, but also reinforcing the message with a longer, more detailed email.

The campaign generated a number of new leads for us overall, as well as across all four of the courses that we focused on with this activity. This will represent a significant ROI even if a small percentage of this number end up as an enrolled student”

The University of Manchester


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